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San Vito Climbing Festival 2017 - Photo Gallery

Some of the most beautiful moments of the San Vito Climbing Festival 2017, shooted by Roberto Zampino.


From dawn to dusk, from Tauri Vahessar's dizzying trick to the concert at Jhonnys Bawdon Project in Piazza del Santuario, passing through the Crazy Idea Boulder Contest, the Youth Speed Race and the Beat Kammerlander meeting.


This San Vito Climbing Festival seems never end!


San Vito Climbing Festival 2017 - Diary


October 14, 2017

The most dense and active day of the festival has led to San Vito an entire universe of sport and passion for climbing, slackline and outdoor.

The third day of the most beautiful climbing and outdoor festival in Sicily began with a wonderful morning in the crags. On the rock of Cala Mancina, climbing lessons held by alpine guides took place. Climbing Radio followed the lessons by capturing the impressions of climbers and instructors, interviewing them to understand why they have chosen the walls of San Vito to approach climbing.

Lezione 2

In the middle of the morning, on the stage of the Crazy Idea Boulder Contest, the race was dedicated to the youngest, who proved to have talent, courage and above all a great deal of joy in living this sport. For the younger ones in the afternoon, the race of speed took place during which fun and sharing infected all those present.

To anticipate the final of the Crazy Idea Boulder Contest was instead the freestyle show organized by Tauri Vahessar and the athletes of the Nhex Parkour & Freerunning Academy, who created something unique by mixing the two disciplines.

IMG 8880

The Boulder Contest of Crazy Idea has attracted challengers from every region of Italy, in fact the group of participants has proved to be heterogeneous not only for ages but also and especially for origin, demonstrating that the San Vito Climbing Festival is not limited to native.


Special contributions from the festival Tauri Vahesaar and Beat Kammerlander presented two documentaries that cover their businesses. The slackline specialist has entertained the audience with images and videoclips of their businesses, from passionate and lonely beginners to international victories, passing through the 2014 accident that has completely changed his vision of how this discipline lives.

Kammerlander, however, presented the audience with the most significant moments of his climber career through video and photography, pursuing his career and focusing on the most significant moments, concluding with his recent creation of Kampfzone, a Rätikon project lasting five years.

This long Saturday ended with the Jhonnys Bawdon Project, which greeted with the right vibrations the densest day of the festival.

San Vito Climbing Festival 2017 - Diary

San Vito Climbing Festival 2017 - Diary


13 October 2017

The second day of the festival, the beautiful has yet to arrive and yet it seems to be already a great success.

Climbing, boulder, crags, slackline, parkour and a lot of sunshine despite mid-October!

The morning was fast, as it happens when we are having fun. The Crazy Idea Boulder Contest started in the best of ways. The participants challenged one after the other on the four problems specifically prepared for the tracking festival.

IMG 1078

Numerous audiences have sparked climbers from all over Italy to face these blocks. The qualifiers ended thus with success, leaving only the best chance to win tomorrow's finals.

Many climbers have also headed to the beautiful cliffs that frame the San Vito Lo Capo, today literally kissed by the sun. Because after all and especially the San Vito Climbing Festival is not just a boulder contest, it is love for climbing, and getting rid of the chance to climb the beautiful cliffs is really unforgivable.

If Adam Ondra has decided to release the first 9a of Sicily right here there will be a reason!

con Marti Ma

In the afternoon, always in Piazza del Santuario, a few steps from the stage where the Boulder Contest took place, Tauri Vahesaar along with the Slackline Sicilia and Nhex Catania boys gave birth to a spectacular performance of power, coordination and agility. The athlete group has demonstrated their skill and the possibilities that disciplines such as Slackline and Parkour can offer.

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The day was then directed towards the evening accompanied by the beautiful pictures of the Reel Rock movie.

As usual, the day will end at the Climbing House, to drink something together, tell your own adventures and listen to great music!

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