Venerdì, Agosto 18, 2017

Laura Rogora special guest

Laura Rogora - Grotta dell'Arenauta - Ph. Domenico Intorre

Laura 14 years, "little big" amon the main character of the international climbing world. Laura is the first woman ( actually kid!) who has sent the a 9a in Italy. A result coveted among the top national climbers and not only, in fact there are very few women in the world to have climbed a such a route. The success of Rogora obviously does not come from nothing, but, despite her young age, the climbing community has been talking about her for the great achievement she managed to get. His last highlight, which has definitely pushed her up to the honor of international news, has happend in February this year at "dell'Arenauta Cave" near Gaeta, with the repetition of Grandi Gesti, graded 9a! she is not only successes at the crags, in fact she started a promising career in the competion sceranio with several successes that led her up to the title of European champion of leading climbing. We are proud of rememebring her, the small Laura, always accompanied by her parents in past editions of the festival of San Vito ... probably it has been a good omen for her successful career. We are curious to see her climbing during the boulder competition and along the harsh, never sent routes of the Big Eye - the Crag where the top marathon will be taking place on the October 16th




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